Juha Wikström

Amateur storyteller from Finland

Thank’s for stopping by! A few words about me.

I started shooting photographs and videos in the ’70s but gave up my passion for a career in marketing. I was recognized and encouraged by an art teacher in photographing, but I didn’t take the change and ended up working as a copywriter, creative director, and CMO.

I live in Finnish archipelago, about 35 minutes from the Helsinki City Center. My job as a CMO takes me to travel to another town every week so I got loads of air miles which I’m not so proud of...

I can't remember when I shot my first photos, but since a teen, I've been enthusiastic about candid photography. My father showed me the basics, and since he was interested in photographing, we've always had cameras in our home to shoot with.

My father bought me my first own camera, Canon T70, in the '80s. After my first trip to New York in 1987 and seeing some of my photos I made there, one art teacher told me I had the talent, and I should study photographing. Sadly I didn't take her advice.

So now I just try to get it back again.

I've owned number of cameras from the film cameras like Canon T70 and Nikon's F70 to the digitals such as Nikon D70S, D7000 and Coolpix as well as a Sony Cyber Shot. Now I'm totally in love with my new Fujifilm X100F which have given me back the joy of the “old style” photographing. Sometimes I shoot with my Nikon D7000 as well, but I’m looking to replace it with a Fujifilm camera some day…